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Chief Executive Officer

Uranus is the Partner, Chief Executive Officer at Uranus Capital.

Uranus was confirmed as the business leader at the Whitehouse in 2021-2022, got involved in a series of policy makings of National Economic Council, Inflation Reduction Act; Discussion and Negotiation in Debt Ceiling, etc; and a bundle of National Investments, such as Investing 65 Billion in High Speed Internet to keep our business's ecosystem in transparency.

Prior to founding Q.Uranus, she served as a financial professional, financial advisor. Both of the companies land on NYSE.
Since 2022, Uranus began to run the national business in investment bank, facilitating companies across the globe to IPO in the United States.

In 2023, Uranus separated its health business to be an independent company, building a health, healthcare accelerator, cofounded with Kevin Mohan.


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